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Jul, 2020

COVID-19 Response Plans

State Park COVID-19 Response Plans

* Portable hand sanitizer stations shall be placed outside of every dugout entrance. There shall also be portable stations positioned at both end of the park, and at the concession stand. There will be signage encouraging players and spectators to utilize the sanitizer after touching any shared surfaces.

* There will be no sharing of equipment. All players and umpires MUST have their own equipment. This is to include batting gloves, mitts, helmets, bats, catchers gear, and any other player safety items. If a player does not have certain equipment, it can be obtained from State Park on a daily basis and must be returned for sanitization after the game.

* There shall be NO unnecessary contact between players, coaches, staff, and spectators. The home plate coaches meeting shall only be attended by one coach from each team and the umpire. Social distancing shall be followed. 

* There shall be no meeting at the plate, pre-game, for the little league pledge. The pledge should be done by each team on their own, while maintaining social distance. 

* There shall not be a post-game congratulations, rather each team shall line up to do a tip of the cap.

* In the event of an on-field injury, only the head coach, parent of the child, and/or medical professionals may respond. 

* There will be no issuing of group treats after a game. Rather, vouchers may be handed out for exchange at the concession stand. 

* Players are to keep all equipment and water bottles in their designated area.

* Masks are not required; however, they are suggested. Due to the potential for difficulty breathing and overheating, they are not recommended on the field of play. While on the sidelines or dugouts they are recommended to be used by players, coaches, staff, and spectators. State Park will not be responsible for supplying masks.

* Umpires will now be calling games from a position behind the pitcher, while maintaining the six feet of social distance. There will now also not be a need for two umpires at any Majors games. Umpires will have the ability to stop the game if any at risk behavior is noticed. The umpire shall put a new ball into play every other inning. It should also be noted that if a foul ball is retrieved by anyone other than a coach, player, or staff, it shall come out of the game.

* The permanent restrooms at State Park are now closed. State Park shall utilize service that will provide and maintain no less than 4 portable restrooms and 2 hand wash stations. 

* When possible, double headers should be utilized for both Minor A and B. This will prevent a buildup of crowds caused by switching teams. Also, move to allow more time between games. The suggested time is 30 minutes. Again, this will prevent the buildup of crowds while switching teams. Encourage spectators and players to try and exit the facility within 15 minutes after games end. Set a hard stop time on all games. 

* There shall be no spitting, sunflower seeds, or throwing gum on the ground in the dugouts, or in the field. 

* After each game, only the coaches or staff shall dress the fields. 

* The press boxes shall never have more than one person at a time sitting in them. There shall be sanitizing wipes provided in the area. The area must be wiped down before each use. 

* If any player, coach, staff, or spectator is diagnosed with COVID-19 and\or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, they must refrain from Little league activities, quarantine is recommended, for a period of no less than 14 days. The Little League shall report to local health authorities the diagnosis and anyone who might have been exposed. 

* The concession stand shall utilize as much disposable product as possible. This should include condiment packets, cutlery, and bottled beverages. 

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