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May, 2021

Reminder - Opening Day is Saturday May 1st Opening Day

Coaches will be meeting their teams in the lawn at LA Bell at 8:00AM. The parade of Coaches and Players will start at 8:30 Parents and families: please line up on Woodlawn and enjoy watching all the players make their way to the Opening Day ceremonies.

Parade Parking
Please park at State Park escort your player to LA Bell if needed.

Opening Day Ceremonies
The parade will end on our Majors Field and Opening Day ceremonies will take place immediately thereafter. Opening Day ceremonies are designed to celebrate the players, families, coaches and volunteers who make the Little League experience in our Duneland communities such a great experience. Opening Day Ceremonies include the announcement of the Raffle ticket winners. If all goes to plan Opening Day Ceremonies will end by 9:30AM.

Uniforms will be distributed to coaches over the next two days or Saturday morning. If you do not have your uniforms before Saturday they will be distributed prior to the Parade. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please understand that we do intentionally push out uniform orders on the front end to accommodate late registrations and to serve the families the best we can. The cost, of course is that we end up distributing them right before the games start.

Coaches and Managers
Thank you! As a Board we can't say it often enough - so thank you again to all of the volunteer coaches and and managers who step up to help run practice and game day operations. Families, please remember that your coaches have jobs, family responsibilities and stressful situations in their lives so and they volunteer many dozens of hours to provide the kids a great experience - your grace in handling any minor inconveniences is greatly appreciated!

As the games start for our older age groups that means umpires are going to make calls that might not seem correct to you. It is a part of sports. Negative comments directed at umpires will not be tolerated. Issues with comments directed at Umpires at State Park are extremely rare - we remind you so we can say the same thing this time next year.

Opening Day is near and that means the smell of Popcorn and Hot Dogs on the grill will soon return to 250 League Lane. We wish everyone a happy and successful 2021 season but no matter what happens we ask that each of us keeps it all in perspective. 

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