My child tried out last year, does he/she have to try out again this year?

Yes, we will be having player assessments on March 7th beginning at 10 am and ending at 6pm. We will have a set schedule per age group. This does not apply to Tee Ball through age 7. Eight year olds are invited to come and assess if they feel they are ready for Minor A division.

What will happen during the assessments, and what should my child bring?

We perform fielding, hitting, running and pitching drills during the assessments.  All the player has to bring is his/her glove with them.  We will provide everything else. 

How will my child be selected to a team, and when will the teams be announced?

There will be a draft per division, except Tee Ball and Minor B.  Teams will be announced late March.  You will receive an email, text, or phone call from your player’s manager.

I have more than one child, can they play together on the same team?

Yes, please make a note of the siblings name in the comments of their registration.

What is a pool player?

They are players from current regular season teams. This pool is comprised of players willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams within their respective division face a shortage of rostered players for an upcoming game. This player is not allowed to pitch.  For minor b and a divisions, this pool player cannot play more than 1 game a day.  For Majors, a pool player can play up to 2 games a day.

What division will my child play in? Are there any specific requirements about each division?

Baseball League age – birthday before Sept 1, add a year. After is their current age

TEE BALL Boys and Girls - League Age 5 - 6 years old

MINOR B League - Age 7 - 8 years old

MINOR A BASEBALL - League Age 9 - 10 years old (8 if they are drafted)

MAJOR BASEBALL - League Age 11 - 12 years old (10 if they are drafted)

JR/ SR- League age 13 -16

What paperwork is required and how do I submit it?

Child's birth certificate

What do the registration fees go toward?

Uniforms, equipment, lawn care, maintenance of SPLL, charter fees, insurance, upgrades to the facility.

How much are registration fees?

$195 per player for baseball (100 raffle tickets)

$120 per player for tee ball (50 raffle tickets)

$450 per family max (200 raffle tickets max)

Are there fundraisers throughout the season? Is there a fundraising buy-out option?

Yes, raffle tickets (100 tickets per player except for tee ball is 50 tickets per player – 200 tickets per family max), Nelsons chicken, and there is no buy out.

Am I required as a parent to volunteer?

Yes, everyone has to help out in the concession stand for one half of a game. Managers will assign you to a day, once the game schedule is released. Field clean up.

What is the time commitment? How many practices and games per week?

There will be at least 2 games a week when the season begins.  Practice will depend on the division the player is playing in. The manager will set the practice schedule.  Preseason, 2 practices a week is normal.  Practices can begin on or after April 1st.

How does the team and/or local league communicate with parents?Does the league have a social media presence?

Facebook, GameChanger App, Email, and text.

Can I manage my child’s team?

Yes, you can.  Please select that you are interested in managing on the registration. 

If my child is selected to a Minor League team, is there a chance he/she gets called up to Majors during the season?

Yes there is. Doesn’t happen very often, but there is always that chance.

What will my child need to bring to practice?

A Baseball glove.  Cleats are recommended, but not mandatory. Wear a CUP. Bats, helmets will be provided.  Many players will have their own equipment, and are welcome to use it.  Bats have to be stamped with the USA BASEBALL logo to be used in any Little League activity.

When is Opening Day, and what is will be involved?

April 24th.  There will be a parade from LA Bell to SPLL.  We will have opening ceremonies, first pitch, singing of the national anthem, and then games will start that day.  Tee Ball usually will start the Monday after Opening Ceremonies.

How many players are on a Little League team?

Tee ball is no more than 10.  Every other division depends on numbers, but it is safe to say, 10 to 13 players a team.

Where are games played?  Do we have to travel?

Baseball and Tee Ball games will be played at the State Park Field complex.  Minor A and Major Baseball may travel to other leagues once during the season for the Taber and Connors tournament.

Does each player play every game?


Where can I find the Little League rules?


Also, your manager is supplied with a rule book. 

Will my player get to play with his/her classmates?

We do our best, but is never guaranteed.

What is an all-star, and how is the team selected?

State Park represents the 8- to 10-Year-Old and 9- to 11-Year-Old Tournaments. Those tournaments go to the State Level, while the Little League (11-12 year olds), Junior League, and Senior League divisions all conclude at a World Series Tournament for both baseball and softball.  The players are chosen by the managers at a closed meeting where all the managers collectively make the teams.

Can my child “play up” on an older all-star team?

Yes they can.

When will the all-star team be announced?

Early to mid-June.

When are practices?

The teams practices are set by the managers at designated locations in the area. If you practice at State Park, once the season begins, it is very rare you will be able to practice at the field, as games are taking place daily.

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